2008 2013 - 2016 Boot Mat Reversible Extended

Boot Mat Reversible Extended
  • Available for 2013 - 2016 models
  • Fits See Description

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Black reversible boot mat which has a carpet side and a rubber side.

This carpet will protect the backs of the rear seats as well as the original boot carpeting and the rear bumper.

This carpet is designed to protect :the backs of the rear seats, with straps fastening to the rear backrests.the original boot carpeting.the rear bumper by means of a plastic sheeting.

This plastic sheeting can be laid flat with the rubber face upwards, or simply folded over the rear bumper to protect it.

Contour : black overcast seam.

Printed 2008 logo to personalise the mat.Compatible with the boot shims (see related references).

Allows for the boot to be used intensively, while conserving the original appearance of the carpet.

Long-lasting, marrying perfectly to the shaping of the floor.

Noticeably enhances the vehicle’s heat and sound insulation, while contributing to its aesthetics.

Guards the vehicle’s resale value by keeping the interior in good condition.

Quick to fit and to remove.

Fine quality and material to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Reversible for multiple use, depending on the needs of the moment.

One rubber side, robust and easy to clean, for trouble-free transport of all sorts of objects and products.

One textile, more attractive side, for daily use.

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