2008 2013 - 2016 Warning Triangle and Safety Vest

Warning Triangle and Safety Vest
  • Available for 2013 - 2016 models
  • Fits See Description

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Essential for your safety, this kit will be an invaluable aid should you have to stop unexpectedly by the roadside.

The fluorescent material and the two reflective bands of the "High Visibility" safety jacket ensure that you can be seen at night: from more than 160 metres on a road (as opposed to 30 metres without a jacket) and from more than 300 metres on a motorway.

This safety jacket complies with the European "CE" standard.

The warning triangle allows you to indicate your presence to other vehicles more effectively when you are immobilised on the road.

In France, and in certain other countries, it is compulsory that these items are placed in the passenger compartment of your vehicle

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